Friday, 18 September 2020

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Antarctica movies

Antarctica - QuestionsHappy Feet (2006) - IMDb
Please read the article on Antarctica here before answering the questions.

Eight Below

1) Which character does Paul Walker play? 
a) Jerry Shepard b) Cooper
c) an American geologist d) Brian O'Conner

2) Who gets left in Antarctica to survive on their own?
a) The people b) The Dogs

3) What score out of 100 did the movie get on Rotten Tomatoes? 
a) 3/100 b) 3%
c) A VERY LOW SCORE d) Not sure, so I asked Miss Tuiā and she gave me the evils

Happy Eight Below (Widescreen Edition): Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood,  Moon Bloodgood, Jason Biggs, Gerard Plunkett, August Schellenberg, Wendy  Crewson, Belinda Metz, Frank Marshall, Suggested By The Film "Nankyoku  Monogatari", Screenplay By David

4) What is the name of the main (penguin) character? 
a) Memphis b) Norma
c) Mumble d) Pengu

5) The movie is about a penguin who can’t ______? 
a) Dance b) Fly
c) Sing d) Make friends

6) What score out of 10 did the movie get on IMDB?
a) 76% b) 77%
c) 6.5% d) 6.5/10

March of the Penguins

7) Which filmmaker made the movie? 
a) Morgan Freeman b) Luc Jacquet
c) A penguin d) Migi Siō

8) What is this movie about?
a) Penguins in the month of March b) Penguins learning to March
c) Penguins or something like that d) Penguins journing to their breeding grounds

9) What score did it get on Rotten Tomatoes
a) 7.5/10 b) 5/5
c) 94% d) Way more than 8 Below

Thursday, 17 September 2020

'nt' words

Animals Antarctica Questions

Antarctic Animals - Questions
Please read the article on Antarctica here before answering the questions.

Emperor PenguinsBBC - Travel - A penguin and leopard seal face off

1) What is the scientific name for Emperor Penguins? 
→ Aptenodytes forsteri

2) The Emperor penguin is the ____________ of all penguins:
a) Tallest b) Heaviest
c) Smelliest d) a&b


3) What does the blue whale eat?
a) Fish b) Krill
c) Penguins d) a&b

4) How big can Blue Whales grow? 
a) 30m b) 3m
c) 300mm d) 30cm


Polar bear - Wikipedia

5) What do the Fur seals eat?
→ kril squad fish birds

Leopard Seals

6) What is the scientific name for Leopard seals
Hydrurga leptonyx

7) How much time do they spend in the ocean?
→ 80 % in the water

No Wolves or Polar bears?

8) Wolves and Polar bears live in the? 
a) South Pole b) North Pole
c) Parakai d) a&b

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Complex Sentences

Explorers Questions

Antarctica - Questions
Please read the article on Antarctica here before answering the questions.

First Sightings

1) Which of these men were not one of the first 3 to see Antarctica? 
a) Fabian von Bellingshausen b) Edward Bransfield
c) Nathaniel Palmer d) Robert Falcon Scott

2) What year was Antarctica first sighted?
a) 1820 b) 1920
b) 2020 c) 1840

First Landing

3) Who was the first person to land on Antarctica? 
a) Edward Bransfield b) Robert Falcon Scott
c) Dave Johnis d) John Davis

4) What is a sealer? 
a) Someone who seals things b) Someone who trains seals to do tricks
c) Someone who hunts seals d) Someone who sleeps on a Sealy Posturepedic Mattress

5) Do historians believe he was the first person to land in Antarctica?
a) Yes b) No
c) They aren’t sure d) I don’t even know what a Historian is, and I was too lazy to
 google it

First exploration

6) Who was the first person to embark on a proper exhibition of Antarctica? 
a) Ernest Shackleton b) Matt Goodwin
c) William Wallace d) I tried to google it but I couldn’t find the answer, even though 
the answer is in the article and I could just read it

First to reach the South poleFive men in heavy polar clothing. All look unhappy. The standing men are carrying flagstaffs and a Union flag flies from a mast in the background.

7) Who was the first person to reach the south pole?
a) Roald Amundsen b) Robert Falcon Scott

8) How did Scott and his team die?
a) Old age b) Froze to death in a blizzard

c) Shipwreck d) Trick question. They are still alive