Friday, 3 July 2020

new tail for the blue whale

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blue whale writing task

Blue Whale

WALT: explain my ideas.

Blue Whales are beautiful creatures. They are the biggest sea animal in the world. Unfortunately, some people like to take Blue Whales for their meat, or to put them in zoos. What do you think about this?

Task 1: Watch the video clip on the site. Make sure you watch carefully so you can see what a Blue Whale looks like.

Task 2: Brainstorm using some of your senses. What can you see/hear/feel if you were to ever see a Blue Whale? How might you be feeling?

In this table, write the descriptive words that you would be able to see/hear/smell/touch/taste.
What can I see?
What can I hear?
What can I touch/feel?
What is in its environment?
Flat wheel
Load crashing splash
Rough skin
Ocean seas

Need some help? - make sure that you are using your own words… if you happen to find a word that you don’t know the meaning of, search what it means and then you can use them in your writing!

Task 3: Choose one of the statements from below and write from that perspective: Highlight the perspective.
  • Blue Whales should be kept in their natural habitat.
  • People to put them in zoos. should be able to capture Blue Whales for food or

Bronze Medal: 3 paragraphs
Silver Medal: 4 paragraphs
Gold Medal: 5 paragraphs

Start writing here:
Blue whales are the biggest animal on earth you can swim next to them but it is dangerous. I love the blue whale. It is my favourite whale in the world. I think that the hunters who catch blue whales should stop. 

The blue whales are harmless to humans but the blue whales are endangered. To fishing nets and killer whales. The  blue whales sometimes go on shore on a bench and die from suffocating.

 The blue whale is the best whale in the world and the biggest. The blue whale can grow up to 24 meters or 25 meters long. And it weighs 50,000 or to 150,000.  


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Thursday, 2 July 2020

The Great White Shark Writing

 The great white Shark is One of the biggest sea animals and it is the predator of the sea. The Great White Shark has Black on the top and white on the bottom. The Great White Shark is known for its large teeth and its strong jaw. The Great White Shark likes meat it will eat Seals Sea Lions Dolphins Sea turtles fish And Squids. The orcs aka the killer whale is the only predator to sharks. The male great white shark is 3 to 4 meters long and the male is 4 to 6 meters long. The great white shark is the strongest animal in the ocean. If the shark sees a seal it will kill it and if it will see all the things that the great white shark eats it will try to kill it instantly the great white shark is the king of the ocean now.

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