Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Avengers Infinity War

Once upon a time There Was Marvel super heros one of them was called black panther another Super hero was called Captain America Spider-Man and Iron man they are going to fight Thanos he is the strongest super hero so they all went to fight Thanos. Thanos threw spider man to the wall and he got Hurt bad captain America blocked Thanos's power with his shield Black Panther hit Thanos in the face and he got knocked and he woke up and then Thanos use all his power and all the super hero's died and Thanos won

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Fairy bread

Today room 19 and 20 made delicious beautiful fairy bread. We made the fairy bread at school we did it because for fun and to write a recount. First we washed our hands. Next we got a peice of bread. Then we got a knife and put butter on our bread. After that we put sprinkles on our bread finally we got to eat it but then we made another one we done the same pcocess again but this time we made it with Nutella and we eat it it was disgusting 

Thursday, 21 June 2018


Once upon a time there was 2 Transformers do you their names were bumblebee and Optimus prime they are going to save the world from Megatron he had big bomb he was going to destroy the world so bumblebee and Optimus prime went to the city and they were fighting Megatron but then megatron let the bomb off and bumblebee and Optimus prime survived the bomb but Bumblebees legs so he could not move but he still had guns so he went the back of the track and shooting bullets at megatron. Optimus prime walked to megatron and punched him in the face and he died.